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haziran 2019
construction Türkiye
PlantworX 2019
June 11-13, 2019
Peterborough, UK
Tower Cranes
June 26-27, 2019
Vienna, Austria
September 12, 2019
San Diego, US
Diesel Progress Summit
September 30, 2019
Kentucky, US
ICUEE The Demo Expo
October 1-3, 2019
Kentucky, US
ConExpo Latin America
October 2-5, 2019
Shanghai, China
International Rental
Conference (IRC)
October 22, 2019
Shangai, China
World Demoliton Summit
October 23-24, 2019
Boston, US
APEX Asia 2019
October 23-26, 2019
Shanghai, China
World Crane and
Transport Summit
November 13-14, 2019
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
December 10-14, 2019
Bangalore, India
The first construction phase of a new wharf at the Rothera British
Antarctic Survey (BAS) research centre has been completed.
The final BAM construction teammembers have boarded the RRS James Clark
Ross to make their way home following six-months of construction work, which
was supported by BAS’s Technical Advisors, Ramboll.
During the season the team dismantled the existing wharf to make way for the
new skeleton structure, with six of the 20 steel frames successfully installed.
Towards the end of the season the teams installed steel piles and backfilled with
rock to protect the new sections of the wharf from icebergs during the harsh
Antarctic winter. All the plant and equipment have now been ‘winterised’ ready
for phase two of the construction later this year.
Once complete, the new 74m long wharf will be larger and deeper than the
previous one to accommodate the new polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David
Attenborough that will come into operation in 2020.
Finnish light rail
Strong growth
for earthmoving
US plan for
he contract to build the Jokeri
Light Rail line in Finland has
been awarded to the joint
venture partnership of NRC Group
Finland and YIT.
The railway is set to connect
Itäkeskus in the country’s capital,
Helsinki, with Keilaniemi in the
country’s second-largest city, Espoo.
The build contract is valued
at around €220 million (US$246
million), more than half of the
project’s total value of €386 million
(US$428 million). The first work
phases include the implementation of
temporary traffic arrangements, soil
cutting and cable and line transfers
Work is set to start on the line
in June this year, with completion
scheduled for June 2024. The project
was given the green light in the face of
growing transportation concerns, with
some two million residents expected
to be living in the greater Helsinki
region by 2050. Harri Tanska, director
of public works for the city of Espoo,
said, “Jokeri Light Rail is a profitable
project for the cities, especially in
view of the land-use benefits that
the new rail connection offers. The
light railway will make the areas
more attractive for residential and
commercial purposes, as well as enable
denser urban construction along
sustainable transport connections.”
orldwide sales of
earthmoving machinery in
2018 accelerated sharply,
achieving growth of 23%, according
to data produced by Prometeia for
SaMoTer. This increase means that
sales of earthmoving equipment
exceeded one million units.
The record result in 2018 was
said to be driven by a combination of
several factors, including investments
in construction on a global scale in
excess of €7.150 billion euros (US$7.9
billion). In most parts of the world
the market posted two-digit growth,
attaining new historical peaks in
US (+36%), India (+48%), China
(+35%) and the rest of the world
North America and China were
the driving forces behind almost
two-thirds of overall growth, with
a combined market share of 50%,
followed by Western Europe (18%)
and India (7%).
Western Europe had a growth
rate of just 3% with 182,000
machines sold. The market leader for
sales was Germany (23%), closely
followed by the United Kingdom
(22%). Italy ranked fourth, with a
market share of 9%.
The earthmoving machinery
market in 2018 was said to be
characterised by sustained and
widespread growth for all types of
equipment. For example, track-laying
excavators saw growth of +25% and
other sectors performed well; mini-
excavators (+15%), wheel loaders
(+19%) and compact mini loaders
S President DonaldTrump
and leaders of the Democratic
political party have agreed to
spend US$2 trillion on infrastructure
such as roads, highways, bridges, air
travel and internet connectivity in
the country.
However, it was not agreed how
the infrastructure investments would
be paid for. Substantial infrastructure
investment is required in the US,
with the American Society of Civil
Engineers estimating that the
country needs to spend close to
US$5 trillion by 2025 to cover basic
infrastructure needs.
Stephen E. Sandherr, chief
executive officer of the Associated
General Contractors of America,
said, “The fact President Trump and
Democratic Congressional leaders
agree to enact a much-needed new
infrastructure measure underscores
just how vital these investments are
to the country’s continued prosperity
and global competitiveness.
“Congress and the
administration need to act quickly
to convert this bipartisan agreement
into a comprehensive infrastructure
measure that will fund significant
upgrades to our aging and over-
burdened infrastructure.”
In February of 2018 the White
House released a 55-page legislative
outline in which they proposed that
US$200 billion from the federal
government was spent on roads,
ports, airports and highways. The
document stated that this would
stimulate another US$1.3 trillion
fromUS States and the private
sector. However, nothing came of the
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