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haziran 2019
Kildare Country Council
in Ireland has granted planning
permission for tech giant Intel
(Ireland) to build a new manufacturing
fabrication (FAB) facility. To be
located north of Dublin in the town
of Leixlip, the new development is
estimated to cost around €3.5 billion
(US$3.8 billion) and is part of Intel’s
plans to expand its existing Leixlip
plant. If the company goes ahead with
its plans, up to 6,000 construction
workers would be employed on the
project, with a further 1,600 full time
jobs being created on completion.
Japan has started testing
on its next-generation bullet train,
the Alfa-X, which will be capable of
reaching speeds of 400km per hour.
The train is being built by Kawasaki
Heavy Industries and Hitachi and is
expected to be open for public use
by 2030. The train will have a 22m
long nose at the front to reduce air
resistance. It is thought that the train
would commonly travel at 360km per
hour. Production of the 10-car train
finished in early May at a reported
cost of JPY10 billion yen (US$91
Affordable housing company
Planet Smart City has announced the
launch of Smart City Natal in Brazil.
Planet has invested US$34 million
in the design and development of
the city, which is being developed
in partnership with city planning
company Habitax. Smart City Natal
will be located in the state of Rio
Grande do Norte in the north east
of Brazil. The 1.7km2 development
will house more than 15,000 people,
with the price of plots starting at less
than US$7,000. Construction of the
first phase of development began in
March 2019 and the first residents
are expected to move in by the end of
this year.
California’s high-speed rail agency
is suing the US Department of
Transportation and its senior officials
over the Trump administration’s
decision to terminate a US$929
million grant for the state’s bullet
train. The project has endured rising
costs and delays – it was originally
estimated to cost US$32 billion and
open in 2029. Even though the length
of the line has been reduced, the cost
is likely to be double this amount, and
the line won’t open until 2033.
World's most
expensive cities to
build in
Billion dolar
ew York in the US is the world’s most expensive city to build in,
according to the 2019 International Construction Cost Comparison
report by global design and consultancy organisation Arcadis.
The second most expensive city is also located in the US, San Francisco.
Hong Kong was number three on the list, followed by Copenhagen in
Denmark and Geneva in Switzerland.
Factors that influence a city’s position in the index include cost of living,
labour and materials, overall productivity of the industry in that city, and the
complexity of projects in that city.
The report reveals that New York and San Francisco face unique challenges
when it comes to construction.
“New York’s high insurance costs, coupled with strict building codes and
significant access and logistics challenges factor into soaring construction costs,”
said David Hudd, cost and commercial director for Arcadis.
In San Francisco, the technology sector contributes to labour shortages and
other market forces that drive up the cost of construction. Local building and
energy codes are also a factor. The other cities which made up the top ten most
expensive places for construction, in order, are: London in the UK, Macau in
China, Zurich in Switzerland, Japan’s Tokyo and Boston, the third US city to
feature on the top ten list.
The report also listed the least expensive cities for construction. The three
cheapest places to build were in India, with Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai
the top three. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Ho Chi Minh in Vietnammade
up the rest of the top five least expensive cities.
he government of New
Zealand has announced
ambitious plans to invest NZD
6.1 billion (US$4 billion) into the
country’s infrastructure and to set up a
new infrastructure commission which
will administer an infrastructure
The US$4 billion will be invested
over the next five years, with 174
projects having already been selected
by the government.
The new infrastructure
commission will be launched by the
end of the year.
One of its main roles will be to
deliver the infrastructure pipeline – a
new database with information on
major public infrastructure projects
to provide the construction industry
with an insight into what works it
has scheduled over the next five years.
The database will be accessible to the
New Zealand Infrastructure
minister, Shane Jones, said, “By
shining a light on the big capital
projects expected over a five-year
horizon, the pipeline will not only
give industry much needed certainty,
but also help inform the Infrastructure
Commission’s thinking as it develops
a 30-year strategy to reverse New
Zealand’s infrastructure deficit and
maximise value for money.”
US and Swiss cities dominate most expensive to build list
International constuction cost
comparison 2019
Source: 2019 International Construction Costs report
New York City
San Francisco
Hong Kong
Abu Dhabi
The world’s 15 most expensive cities to build in
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